What is Scalp Micropigmentation

So what is Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP that people keep talking about?  Once upon a time men losing their hair were resigned to a life of baldness, hats and possibly even singledom!  But no more with the introduction of scalp tattooing or scalp micropigmentation, similar to cosmetic tattooing used for eyebrows.  If a man begins to go bald through male pattern hairloss the traditional go to treatments were scalp shampoos or full on hair surgery but now the game has changed considerably with a brand new hair line and overall look of hair able to be created with the artistry of tattoo pigments. matt-iulo-What is Scalp Micropigmentation

Matt Iulo, 28, lost all of his hair when he was in college.  He knew he wanted his hair back, but he didn’t want to go through a surgical hair transplant so he opted for scalp micropigmentation (SMP), and it involves tattooing little dots on your head so as to simulate a buzzcut or the No Hair Hair Look.  He liked the look so much that he trained in the process and has gone on to develop a thriving New York clinic Scalp Micro USA and has now launched MicropigMANtation with Dawn Forshaw of Finishing Touches Group.

What is Scalp MicropigmentationMat Said, “Having lost my own hair so young, I was thinking about a transplant. But It was pricey and could go wrong. I did a consult, didn’t love it. I came across scalp micro pigmentation. There weren’t a lot in the States, so I had to travel overseas. I met the people who did it, loved it. I thought it was a good line of work; it was like an up and coming industry.”

It really is the look of hair but with no hair and can change the personal confidence of men and women quite significantly.  The service has been around in the USA for around 10 years but has only recently been launched in the UK so that SMPU technicians and now Barbers to literally put colour and confidence back into people’s lives

What is Scalp MicropigmentationScalp micropigmentation can be applied to much wider range of hair loss variations than hair transplant surgery; from general balding to hairline recession, to burn or surgery related hair loss, and of course alopecia (most commonly alopecia areata). It can be also utilised to conceal hair transplant scars or blemishes as a result of trauma to the head. The method can even be adapted to blend noticeable birthmarks into the scalp.

MicropigMANtation is also being championed by world renowned celebrity barber and ambassador for Panasonic UK, Daniel Johnson.  Daniel flies all over the world to perfect bespoke and intricate hairlines and styles for his clients but until now he had no way of ‘creating’ a new hairline or filling in irregular gaps. He was so impressed by the service that he immediately trained and has set up his own scalp centre, Hamletts Boutique in Essex to offer these services.

Read more about Daniel here: I AM DANIEL JOHNSON

What is Scalp MicropigmentationBecause SMP is not a medical or surgical procedure, it is much cheaper than a hair transplant.  Dawn and Matt have a wealth of combined knowledge stretching over 30 years to pass onto their trainees.  Dawn told us “Whilst scalp tattooing has been around since the late 90’s the FTG http://@MicroMANUKtechnique is unique in so much as it is combining permanent and semi-permanent hair loss techniques, allowing men with male pattern baldness the opportunity of choosing 24/7 scalp coverage.”

You can get MicropigMANtation from around £400 per hour so if you would like more information or to book in for your consultation

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