When Rugby Scrums and Noses Collide

When rugby players and noses collide TA mag issue 1 July 2RUGBY League player Adrian, 38, shattered his nose THREE times in just four months and is celebrating after having it straightened WITHOUT the need for surgery

It left him with a heavily misshapen nose, something which made him feel self-conscious and embarrassed on dinner dates with his wife Vicki, 34.  More worrying still, Adrian said that the injury also left him with a collapsed right nostril, giving him difficulty breathing and also leaving him with a strange ‘tingling’ sensation.

Adrian went to Manchester’s clinic SkinViva for a consultation to see if anything could be done. He was told that he could have a simple treatment with dermal fillers, more commonly used to give women fuller lips.

Adrian, who represented Great Britain in an ‘Over 35s’, says it also re-opened his nasal pathways while transforming his face. And he’s urging other burly sportsmen to defy stereotypes by having the treatment done, too.

The 38-year-old, from Batley, West Yorkshire, was playing for National Conference League Division Three side Dewsbury Moor when he first broke his nose.

The 6ft 2in player explained: “I was running with the ball and I got tackled from behind. As I was getting up one of their players came in with both knees and knocked me out cold.”

Adrian had a four week break from playing while his nose healed but then disaster struck yet again. He explains: “My nose had just about got itself right, so I started playing again. And I broke it again!

Unbelievably, four weeks after having his nose set-right by medics in A&E, he broke it for a THIRD time.

Adrian, dad to Finlay, 6, and Olivia, 10, soon started experiencing problems. The amateur coach, who also works as an operations manager for a signage company, reveals: “My nose was constantly running. I couldn’t breathe properly.

He explains: “When I first broke my nose, Vicki wanted me to pack it in immediately.It wasn’t an ideal position to be in with my job, either. I’m going out seeing clients and customers, I’m on site a lot, and you worry about first impressions.

“I felt self-conscious to walk into a nice restaurant and Vicki felt awkward when people were looking at me. Whenever we were going anywhere, people would stare.”
One thing Adrian wasn’t worried about, though, was having the mick taken out of him by colleagues for daring to have a treatment that might be considered by some to be ‘feminine’.

He confesses: “I didn’t care what anyone thought about me going in for treatment, I was just really interested to see the effects, to see if it would improve the look of it and to see if it could improve the breathing.

“It looks a lot better, too. I’m so pleased with it.”

“I think it’s a fantastic procedure. You get a hell of a lot of rugby players who get their noses broken. I’ve got friends who’ve had their noses broken, some are squashed flat to their face, and they think there’s nothing you can do – but I’ve proved there is. I’d urge anyone interested to do the same.”

To keep his nose looking straight, Adrian will need to go back for dermal fillers every 18 months, at a cost around £600. The procedure takes just 20 minutes to complete.   He also has not stopped playing Rugby so may be back sooner but Vicki is really putting her foot down for him to stop.When rugby players and noses collide TA mag issue 1 July

SkinViva’s Dr Tim Pearce, who carried out Adrian’s 30 minute non-surgical Rhinoplasty, adds: “We use highly effective and safe dermal filler called Juvederm Volume to re-shape and alter the key points of a person’s nose without the need for invasive surgery.

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