When the Balls Drop in Yoga it does get awkward! Welcome OHMME

When the Balls Drop in Yoga it does get awkward! Welcome OHMME

Stillness in Motion

Yoga, as a form of movement, was created to open up your body to resonate with the energy of the earth, to make your life easier. and everybody is doing yoga unconsciously.

Yoga is any activity where you find stillness in your mind; this could be being in the zone when running, it could be catching that wave on a surfboard, it could be dribbling the ball on a soccer field, it could even be making a cup of coffee.

Anytime you are giving attention to your task, it’s yoga, so men doing yoga is not innovative, but somewhere along the way it became unusual to find a man on a yoga mat.

UK brand OHMME, wanted to create a brand to encourage men that yoga is for them, by offering stylish, functional and comfortable clothing, just for men.  That do not leave little to the imagination when in a packed and sweaty mixed yoga class…

Take a look at the Men’s Beginners Guide to Yoga

OHMME yoga wear specifically designed for men was born when two friends, who practice yoga, realised that there was a gap in the market for realistic men’s yoga wear.

“We knew that one size wouldn’t fit all, because all men are individual, but we support the idea that men of all shapes and levels of experience feel comfortable on a yoga mat.

“I think a yoga brand just for men was needed to open them up to an alternate form of movement,” explains Louis  d’Origny, CEO, “And I want to support other men in trying out yoga, like I was supported by other guys when I started, and I have never felt so strong and flexible in my mind and body, since I started doing yoga. My yoga practice makes me better in all areas of my life; in my work, in my relationships, in my other sporting activities, and in the bedroom!”

We have used hi-tech, sustainable fabrics created with expertise and smart tailoring to create clothes you can move in that are consistently reliable.”  says Jonty Hikmet, COO. Designed by guys, with guys in mind, using state-of-the-art fabrics, OHMME clothes are also suitable to wear for all exercise like the gym, running, cycling and the Mayura Shorts were specifically designed for surfing!OHMME

The material is stretchy and the cut is conceptualised, including an extra panel from the crotch all the way down the inside of the leg, which removes strain from the seams, keeping your shorts, and your modesty, in place for maximum body mobility.

Yogis and professional sportsmen are strengthening their minds, bodies and spirits through yoga practice, and OHMME is making it accessible to every man.

The message of OHMME is to be free to move how you want to. Based in London, and sold online with worldwide distribution, OHMME is creating a movement.

What a great brand which is increasing popular with yogis and sportsmen alike.  Boxers from just £20 and Short from £41 what are you waiting for – treat yourself or your man today.  Buy online at www.ohmme.com