Women Free of Face Fuzz

It is not as uncommon as it seems, women are plagued by downy facial hair but there is a new treatment that targets female facial hair leaving Women Free of Face Fuzz

A woman whose health issues led to unwanted facial hair has got rid of the problem for good thanks to ground breaking new treatment.

Nel Eksteen, 42, who suffers with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, had put up with fine downy hair on her cheeks since the age of 12 and suffered bullying at school because of it.

Women Free of Face FuzzHer hairy appearance had a huge impact on her confidence and she refused to let anyone touch her face.

As a beauty professional from London, Nel tried all kind of treatments to get rid of the problem including waxing, threading and shaving.

But it was only after she discovered a new hair removal treatment called Hair V Go that she was able to solve the problem for good. This simple 30 minute treatment has been developed by UK-based Clinogen Laboratories, targets the follicle below the skin and neutralises it to prevent hair growth.

After each monthly treatment the re-growth of the hair will become finer and slower, with hairs becoming sparse.

Most clients will eventually only need two or three maintenance sessions a year after being initially treated but many opt to continue with Hair V-Go even after the problem has gone citing improved skin and refined pores as their reasons for making the treatment a part of their on-going beauty regimes.

Nel said: “There was no painful process involved and it didn’t leave a gaping hole in my purse, in fact I felt like I’d found a pot of gold myself.

Research has shown that four in ten women suffer with unwanted facial hair with many complaining that ‘peach fuzz’ holds them back in their private and professional lives.

Even celebrities such as Kate Winslet and Madonna have been photographed with the symptom, which can cause make-up to look irregular as well as stopping the skin from looking smooth and glowing.

Many women turn to solutions such as waxing, hair removal cream and even shaving – all of which can be extremely harmful to the skin around the face.

There are a number of products in the market that have limitations when targeting fine, downy hair. For example, laser and IPL cannot target finer hair, and waxing and shaving do not offer a long-term solution.

This treatment works by targeting the keratin in the hair. As the high pH solution is applied, the formula travels down the hair follicle and begins to disable the stem cells. These are responsible for creating the hair follicle and regenerate over time.  By disabling the stem cells over time, hair growth is eventually reduced. This leaves the skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

Sujata Jolly, Medical Director at Clinogen Laboratories, said: “Peach fuzz affects millions of women worldwide and it has a huge effect on their lives. It can have a massive impact on a woman’s self-esteem and many find it damages their confidence both socially and in the workplace.”

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